Next steps.

I’m sure every parent wishes they could have a little bit more sleep. An extra half hour or an extra 10 minutes. Our baby is still in the same room as us and she’s now 4 months old. She loves to wake up during the night and have a chat. 4am and we can guarantee she’s having a party to herself. She wakes us up constantly and it’s not got a bottle or a nappy change… just because she’s a little chatterbox who loves to move herself about her bed! 🙈 however the thought of moving her into her bigger bed in her own room is freaking me out. We have baby monitors etc but I still don’t want her to go into the room next door. I’ll end up sleeping in the new room with her 😂 any other parents felt the same way? What did you do to make things easier?

Love H x

Baby classes.

Going to baby classes can be such a stressful experience. Even before you step foot in the door.

Before you leave you pack your changing bag within an inch of its life. Extra bibs, outfits, dummies, bottles, toys. Just incase they are needed. You put your little one in the cutest outfit because you don’t want your baby looking casual if all the other babies are fancy (yes that thought goes through my head 🙈). You make your way to the class, making sure you give yourself plenty of time to arrive, park, unload your babies wheels, get all their shit into the pram because let’s face it they don’t travel light 😉.

We enter the class and scope out who is already there. Checking out the other parents in the room… who looks nice? Who smiles? Who looks a bit cliquey? Knowing whatever group you approach can determine how the next 6 weeks will be for you. Did you choose a chatty person, a judgmental person or the absolutely perfect model parent who has attended every baby class under the sun. Whoever you choose, you know you are stuck with them for the next few weeks. You are unofficially friends now. And that’s before the class has even started! And this is the same drama and stress before every class.

Anyone else feel the same?


H x

Little moments

Today we had a little moment that I won’t forget. Just a little moment that didn’t last long but meant a lot to me.

We were with a group of friends at the park enjoying the beautiful weather. We took picnics and blankets and we sat in the shade under a tree with our babies enjoying the weather, view and each other’s company. It was a perfect afternoon.

And then it happened. My little girl sat up unaided on her own. I hadn’t even realised until a friend noticed. I was fumbling about with Muslim clothes and dummies to actually realise what was going on.

I have never felt so proud. It only lasted a short time however it was another little milestone met.

I hope everyone has had a lovely day. This little moment certainly made mines even better.


H x

Look after your friends.

Look after your friends❗️

Being a parent is an exhausting but rewarding experience. You put in all your energy and effort to provide for these little humans no matter their age. You devote your time and attention to them, spend your money on them and they become the centre of your whole universe. Your main priority in life. Whilst you are busy being a part of their lives, it’s very easy to forget parts of your own life. It’s easy to forget about your friends. Everyone is going through something in life whether it is big or small. There may be a friends who has been quiet, unsociable or hasn’t been in contact very much recently. Check in on them. You may have a family member who you haven’t seen for a little while. Check in on them. There may be someone you know who has just become a new parent. Check in on them.

While you are busy with your new life, people in your old life may still need you. As much as I sometimes struggle to find the time, I’ve been trying my best to connect and check in with the people I care about. Just Incase they need someone. They will see you are very busy and won’t often say when they need help. Equally, if you find yourself in a situation that you may need support or even just a chat from a friend or relative – let them know.

We need to support each other and be there for the people we care about. A phone call, text, email or visit only takes a few minutes. Be kind to yourself and to others.


H x

Sleep Olympics

How do your mornings work when the little one wakes up? During the week it’s simple for us. Mummy gets up with the little one and we start our day and daddy gets ready then goes to work. As I said – simple! What about the weekends you ask? Ha! That’s a completely different story. As we share the nighttime feeding it becomes very competitive on a Saturday and Sunday morning. Who can pretend to still be asleep the best so the other is forced to do the early rise? Who has the best reason for needing more sleep? Who can lie there the longest without getting up out of bed to see what our very vocal baby is getting upto? Who is the comfiest? The list is endless and the Sleep Olympics becomes more competitive as the weeks go on! Hope we aren’t the only ones… Love H x

Realistic questions.

I love nothing more than roaming the baby aisles in the shops. Looking at all the gorgeous outfits that I could picture my little one wearing. Lovely pink dresses, yellow rompers, glittery cardigans, fresh white baby grows. The list is endless.

But when I shop for her, 1 million different thoughts enter my head. I need to think carefully about the sizing of the clothes I buy. Will it fit her this season? Will it be too hot or too cold for the current weather? Will it match any outfits she already has? Will the material annoy her skin? Does it come with an undervest? In reality what I should really be asking myself is… will it wash properly when she shits right through it? Is it easy to get her out of during a nappy explosion? Will she grow out of it in a week? All more realistic questions.

However the beautiful lemon outfit is put in the shopping basket and the shopping trip continues. I’ll be cursing myself later.

Maternity Leave Expectations

When I first finished up work to begin my maternity leave, I had so many ideas in my head of things our baby and I would do. Activities we would take part in, classes we would attend and places we would go. New parents (and experienced ones) can put so much pressure on themselves to bounce back and get out and about with their little one. You’re expected to socialise, attend every sensory and music class under the sun as well as looking like you’ve got your shit together. I don’t know why I felt this pressure so much. Pressure to look like my pre pregnancy self, to be out walking with the pram every day, to keep on top of housework as well as attending book bug every week. But in all honestly it hasn’t worked out that way at all. But that’s ok.

We need to give ourselves lazy days at home in our pyjamas, eating microwave meals and watching endless tv. We need to have days to regain energy. To sleep. To enjoy a shower in peace. Days to spend with our family. I think sometimes I need a reminder that I don’t need to meet societies expectations. And neither should anyone else. We should set our own expectations.

On that note… I’m planning on having a lazy night with my little family on the sofa watching films and eating our body weight in biscuits. That’s my expectation for today.


H x